Oko, Working dog

Oko, Working dog

My future partner arrived at the Farm on 20.12.2018. He will first be educated and trained to support me in my research and regrouping horses and ponies.

I remind you that, although they are often by my side, it is essential that you do not pet my dogs who are WORK DOGS so as not to distract them from their tasks.

I know, it’s not easy, but you have to ignore them! Even a little caress will you say to me? Yes, even a little caress can hurt them:

1 / they may be more often in kennel if caress because follows the non-obedience

2 / they do not necessarily appreciate your caresses. They let themselves go because they are educated (imagine that every time someone passes by your child, we touch his head !!!).

Thanks for them !!!


During the summer, you can rent shetland ponies between noon and 2 pm but do not forget to book ! See you…


« Having dreams big enough not to lose sight of them when pursuing them »

I followed several professional training courses with Didier Lavergne (who authored the book «  Etre cheval »). His courses were very formative and instructive.

I am currently following a training course with Andy Booth.

Two men, two different cultures, cursus, approaches and technics… I would qualify their respective approaches as parallel and complementary. They are both great horsemen, pedaguoges and sensitive.

They both give you food for thoughts and demand to challenge yourself everyday to become a better horse person.