At Belle Oreille, we want to share with you not only a life style, but also a way of being with our animals. Our horses, as well as our sheepdogs, are our partners. All the activities we are offering you are based on a respectful relationship to the horses, and in turn, the horses trust us during our interactions with them, may it be from the ground or ridden. Through this trusting relationship, we strive to provide you with a safe experience around our horses ; your safety at all time is a priority for us and we do not leave room for fortuity.

Horse riding

You can go for a trail ride accompanied by a certified riding instructor/guide on one of our horses. Our horses are used to the outdoor and are very reliable. You can also choose to spend a relaxing time with your child leading him/her around on our marked trail on one of our ponies.


What about changing the way you relate to your horse ? We offer theoretical as well as practical training, and during your session, we will give you a reading of your horse behavior. Our goal is to teach you how to « speak horse » so you can truly enjoy a relaxed ride on a horse that is a true partner.


Should you want to board your horse at our yard, know that we offer outdoor living arrangements only (your horse would be integrated in a small group of horses). As you know, horses have specific needs, and we are sure that you want the best for your horse’s well being.


An outdoor sand arena 40 m x 25 m, a T.R.E.C course (Techniques de Randonnée Equestre de Compétition) to practice trek technics and obstacles, a secured round pen of 18 m in diameter, a club house, 2 stalls for emergencies and/or stall rest.


Our farm is located in the small village of St Avit de Vialard in Dordogne, Périgord Noir, at the centre of the triangle formed by Bergerac, Périgueux and Sarlat. Nestled in the middle of nature, we are away from heavy traffic and noise…